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What Kon and Chappy do when they have Ichigo’s and Rukia’s bodies

As requested by snowcerise. :)

Or, to put it another way - when Ichigo and Rukia are off having their soul reaper adventures, how do Kon and Chappy pass the time?

1. Kon tries to pick up girls.

Only he does so badly. Because Kon doesn’t seem to understand that girls aren’t looking for someone who drops down on them out of the air without warning.

Kon: What? I thought it was flattering to have someone “throw themselves at you.”


2. Chappy goes to bars and arm wrestles people.

Because remember when Chappy was stronger than Ichigo? I bet she would make SO MUCH MONEY arm wrestling dudes at bars. Because who would bet on her?

Chappy: I like the cracking sound that bones make, pyon!

Rukia: …please don’t send anyone to the hospital this time.

3. Kon acts out the “One Jump Ahead” part of Aladdin.

You know, with all of the running and jumping.  And singing. Kon seems to really like jumping.

Kon: I had to watch that movie SO MANY TIMES when Yuzu had me.

Kon: Fun to act out though.

4. Chappy eats decadent foods.

I mean, imagine that you’ve spent your whole life as soul candy. When you finally had a body, wouldn’t you want to go and get the giantest of giant ice cream sundaes and just chow down?

Rukia: …why do I feel so full?

5. Actually so does Kon.

Seriously finally getting to eat must be the best thing ever. Or possibly super weird. Discuss.

Kon: I like strawberries, but it feels like cannibalism if I’m in Ichigo’s body.

Kon: Not that that stops me.

6. They go ice skating.

Because if it’s cute for Rukia and Ichigo, then it’s also cute for Kon and Chappy.

Ichigo: Dammit, I’m all sore, Kon! Where you fighting hollows or something?

Kon: …yes. Fighting hollows. Totally not falling repeatedly because I was piloting a giant teenager’s body over a slippery frozen surface.

Ichigo: ….I don’t even want to know.

7. They go to school.

On a less fun note, I suppose they also have to go to school sometimes. To keep Ichigo from being expelled.

Kon: It’s such torture! Sitting all day! Being talked at! I didn’t escape from my soul candy prison for this!!


8. Chappy colors.

Right, because Chappy likes coloring, right? I think there’s an omake about that at some point. So Chappy also likes to doodle.

Chappy: Although I can’t match Rukia-sama’s level of talent, pyon!

Rukia: It’s tough, being as talented as me.

9. Kon rescues insects from bodies of water.

…because Kon’s affection for all life forms, although it hasn’t been mentioned since like his first appearance, is pretty adorable.

Kon: Go, Sir Spider. Be free. And also dry.

Ichigo: What are you doing, dude?

Kon: …picking up girls?

10. They get drunk.

Because that’s another thing you can’t do as soul candy. And also because I think it’s funny.

Ichigo: B-but Kon! My reputation!

Kon: Don’t worry, Ichigo. Your ‘boring nerd’ rep is safe.

Kon: Even someone as cool as me can’t damage that.

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