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Bleach 530 thoughts

I’m assuming you guys know what you’ll find beneath the line…

—So many things in this week’s chapter! I hardly know where to begin!


Ishida: Does it matter that I’m not gay and I would never in a million years hook up with a soul reaper?

Me: Nope!

—Sorry. I will continue now.

—Most of this will be about the Quincy, of course, but first: the most dramatic not-at-all-dramatic line award goes to….

[dramatic pose]

[face framed against the sky]

Isshin: I want… pee alone.

—We should all try to use that in daily life as often as possible.

—But meanwhile Masaki, “the last of the Kurosaki,” is being raised by the Ishidas because they want her to marry Ryuken. That’s a bit of an awkward situation! Especially since Ryuken and Katagiri clearly have a thing for each other 

Katagiri: Yes. I was in one chapter and now I am everybody’s Ryuken OTP.

Isshin: W-what?

Katagiri: Yeah. Eat it, Isshin/Ryuken ship! Your reign is over!

Katagiri: I am the reason Ishida has black hair.

Katagiri: I taught him how to sew.

Katagiri: I am probably going to die horribly, thus motivating my husband’s sorrow and my son’s journey.

Masaki: Wanna start a club?

—And I have decided that Ishida’s grandfather used to tell him stories about “the last Kurosaki” and how awesome she was.

(little) Ishida: Man…I wanna be the “last” something.

—Young Ryuken is……….nice. This freaks me out a little bit. He’s a sweater-wearing, true-love-believing, Quincy-loving dork. …What happened to you, Ryuken? What  made you hate the Quincy?

Katagiri: I’m telling you….I’m not long for this world…

Ryuken: Or maybe I just realized that the Quincy are all assholes!

Ishida: And decided you wanted to be like them?

Ryuken: ….shut up.

—And young Masaki! As everybody is pointing out, she’s a lot like Yuzu! And like Orihime!

Orihime: Boo-yah! Looks like Isshin/Masaki is parallel to Ichigo/me after all!

Rukia: Except that she’s the moon and I’m the moon, so - still me!

Orihime: Masaki is basically me!

Rukia: Do you think Ichigo wants to marry his mother?!

Orihime: Well, duh.

Rukia: Yeah I walked into that one.

Masaki: Guys, maybe we could just enjoy my story and not turn it into a shipping war for my son?

Orihime: S-sorry!

Rukia: Sorry…

Masaki: S’ok.

—And then, in the last panel….vasto lorde. And a vasto lorde that looks kinda identical to Ichigo’s final hollow form. What the what?? Did Ichigo’s inner hollow escape and use his innate time traveling powers to go back and kill Ichigo’s father? Or, slightly more likely, is that hollow about to leave some of his, um, hollow essence in Isshin so that when Ichigo gets his father’s powers he also gets a chewy hollow center? Or maybe Masaki will get the hollow essence, since Ichigo is a fullbringer and so he’s supposed to get a mother / hollow connection?

Tensa: I did say that Hichigo and I were one from the beginning.


Isshin: I-I’m telling the story as fast as I can!

Isshin: …right after a break. I’ll be right back, Ichigo!

Ichigo: ….?

Isshin: I need….to pee alone.


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