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If Bleach characters had an iPhone…

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s pretend that an Apple store opened up in Soul Society. Or that all of the Bleach characters suddenly fell into a phone-buying frenzy. Regardless, they all have iPhones now! What kind of iPhone users might they be?

Hitsugaya: Becomes totally addicted to the iPhone within days. Sleeps with it next to his pillow.

Matsumoto: Mostly uses it to take pictures.

Ishida: Uses it to stay organized. His calender is his most-used function.

Orihime: Uses it to text. A lot.

Chad: Uses it to text. So as to avoid talking.

Ichigo: Never really learns how to use his phone until Orihime makes him.

Hichigo: Gets an iPhone at the same time as Ichigo. Learns to use it immediately.

Szayel: Has a 25 digit code to lock his phone, which he changes monthly.

Grimmjow: Keeps “accidentally” pocket-dialing Ichigo.

Urahara: Invents his own hollow-tracking apps.

Hisagi: Becomes addicted to buying apps. They just all seem useful!

Kensei: Buys one app - Urahara’s hollow-tracking one.

Starrk: Keeps his phone on silent at all times.

Rukia: Becomes addicted to Angry Birds.

Renji: Keeps dropping his phone. It breaks a lot.

Yachiru: Likes to use the GPS function. Does not get lost any less often.

Ulquiorra: Asks Siri philosophical questions.

Yoruichi: Likes to make Siri say funny things.

Nnoitra: Stabbed his phone as a reflex the first time he heard Siri speak.

Kurotsuchi: Reprogams his phone to make it more suitable.

Yukio: Buys every new iPhone several months before it is released to the general public. Somehow.

Yamamoto: Still has the iPhone 1. It still works.

Shinji: Uses his iPhone mostly for music

Riruka: Buys a pink iPhone cover immediately.

Buys the world’s gaudiest iPhone cover.

Hanataro: Carries around extra chargers, just in case anyone needs them.

Unohana: Makes Isane carry her iPhone for her.

Isane: Buys a back-up phone. Just in case.

Aizen: Uses the iPhone to covertly look up things.

Gin: Is always on his phone during meetings. Doesn’t even try to hide it.

Sasakibe: Memorizes everyone’s number. Never actually gives out his own.

Rose: Has specialized ringtones for everyone.

Byakuya: Uses his iPhone to make phone calls. Because it’s a phone.

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