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How Byakuya and Rukia are similar

As requested by anon. :)

Byakuya and Rukia aren’t blood siblings, of course, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a lot alike! So in this post I consider some of the ways in which Byakuya and Rukia are very similar, blood relatives or no.

1. They love (bad) art.

Byakuya and Rukia have similar tastes in…art. Rukia produces and loves her, um, unique bunny drawings, and Byakuya is extremely fond of the lumpy and misshapen Admiral Seaweed. And each is convinced that the other also has wonderful artistic taste.

2. They love cute things.

This is more apparent with Rukia, of course, who loves Chappy because Chappy is adorable, and is nearly defeated in her fight with Riruka by the mountains of adorable stuffed animals surrounding her. But it’s there in Byakuya too. Because you can’t tell me that he doesn’t secretly think Admiral Seaweed is adorable.

3. They take their duties very seriously.

On a more serious note, both Byakuya and Rukia take their jobs very seriously. I suppose that isn’t particularly unusual for Soul Society, but still. I think the two of them have a particularly strong, “I will succeed or die trying” attitude.

5. They take responsibility for things that aren’t their fault.

Oh dear lord does Rukia ever do this. Not that I can’t see why. Kaien threw himself on her sword, so of course she blamed herself for his death. Byakuya didn’t tell her that he was the one to prevent her from getting a seat, so of course she blamed herself for not being good enough. Urahara didn’t tell her that his gigai was stealing her spiritual pressure, so of course she blamed herself for not getting her powers back. And Byakuya, to a certain extent, does this too. He took his house’s hurt feelings so much to heart that he very nearly executed Rukia over it. Plus he seems to blame himself for Hisana’s death. Basically, they both need counseling. Or maybe just to learn to share their feelings.

6. They care about the nobility.

Nobility may be Byakuya’s thing, but his deep respect for the Kuchiki clan seems to have rubbed off on Rukia too. I bet she’ll make a great head of the Kuchiki house if Byakuya remains comatose. «whistling»

7. They have replaced dead loves with look-alikes.

I’m just sayin’. Byakuya has Rukia, who happens to look exactly like his dead wife, and Rukia has Ichigo, who happens to look (almost) exactly like her dead crush. Apparently creepy doppelganger comfort runs in the family, as it were.

8. They love Ichigo more than they let on.

Rukia may yell a lot and hit Ichigo a lot, but she obviously cares for him deeply. And Byakuya may turn up his nose and do sassy hair tosses, but when it’s time to protect Soul Society, he will beg Ichigo to help them. Plus he hasn’t yet killed Ichigo for using his first name.

8. They can turn their snobbery on (and off).

Obviously Byakuya is really, really good at playing stuck-up. In fact, I’m not really sure he’s playing, really…….but still. We know he can be affectionate (Hisana married him, after all), but he’s also really good at playing it cool. Cold, really. And Rukia has a bit of that too. Remember when she kicked Ichigo’s hand away when he was lying bleeding on the ground in the rain trying to stop Byakuya from taking her away by grabbing his robe? Yeah. That was one cold kick.

9. They have difficulty sharing their problems and/or asking for help.

Byakuya is way more closed-off than Rukia, of course. She at least will express her feelings. But she does seem to have trouble asking for help. She didn’t tell Ichigo that she wasn’t getting her powers back way back in the beginning of Bleach. She didn’t want him to rescue her and in fact told him not to. And Byakuya, of course, doesn’t do feelings. Although he apparently does ask for help now.

10. Their powers are beautiful and they know it.

Rukia has the most beautiful zanpakuto in Soul Society. Byakuya has millions of rose petals dancing in the light. Yeah. They both know they’re pretty.

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