Bleach Lists

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Live Tweets

  1. Ichigo’s live tweets from karaoke night

  2. Chad’s live tweets from the first SBSC (Sports Camp for Supernatural Beings)

  3. Hisagi’s live tweets from Matsumoto’s Halloween party

  4. Starrk’s live tweets from the Hueco Mundo pool party

  5. Gin’s live tweets from Hueco Mundo karaoke night

  6. Ukitake’s live tweets from the day he spent with Kyoraku, Starrk, and Lilinette

  7. Aizen live-tweets the Fake Karakura Town battle

  8. Aizen live-tweets Ichigo’s life

  9. Rukia live tweets a day at the arcade

  10. Yumichika live tweets Ishida’s Christmas party

  11. Orihime live tweets a WSRA meeting

  12. Byakuya live tweets his day with Yachiru

  13. Ichigo’s live tweets from the shinigami / espada sleepover

  14. Rukia live tweets her first journey to the world of the living

  15. Lisa live tweets the second Bleach beach visit

  16. Unohana live tweets the Quincy invasion

  17. Grimmjow’s live tweets from outside the tent

  18. Isshin live tweets a day with Ichigo and Rukia

  19. Rukia live tweets her first date with Ichigo

  20. Ryuken live tweets a day with Isshin

  21. Nanao live tweets a shopping trip with Matsumoto

  22. Kenpachi live tweets his first date with Unohana

  23. Gin live tweets the first Soul Society arc

  24. Best (?) of Hinamori’s Aizen live tweets

  25. Ichigo live tweets the shinigami’s first visit to an amusement park

  26. Ichigo live tweets the Seireitei’s open mic night

  27. Sassy Ulquiorra live tweets the espada’s day at the carnival

  28. Urahara live tweets his battle with Aizen

  29. Ichigo live tweets his first visit to Soul Society

  30. Yhwach and Yamamoto live tweet their fight

  31. Live tweets of Hitsugaya hanging out with Matsumoto, Haineko, and Orihime

  32. Aizen live tweets his first day at soul reaper academy

  33. Soi Fon live tweets a night at a club

  34. Orihime live tweets Hueco Mundo

  35. Ichigo live tweets back-to-school shopping with Hitsugaya’s advance troops

  36. Grimmjow live tweets espada poker night

  37. Kensei live tweets his first day back as captain

  38. Ichigo live tweets a picnic with the embodied zanpakuto

  39. Kensei live tweets Hisagi’s bankai training

  40. Aizen live tweets the Hueco Mundo arc

  41. Tessai live tweets Ichigo’s training with Urahara

  42. Kyoraku live tweets his first day as head captain

  43. Quincy live tweets from the invasion

  44. Ishida live tweets his day with Kurotsuchi and Szayel…who have promised to be “nice”

  45. Live tweets from shinigami on their first day of exile